Sunset & Venus

‘Sunset’ and ‘Venus’, by Pam Weinstock and Esti Barnes.

In 2015, to coincide with the London Design Festival and Focus, Pam Weinstock collaborated with award winning rug designer and founder of Topfloor, Esti Barnes. Two rugs were showcased at Esti’s Chelsea Harbour showroom and the result was again, an exciting exploration of 2 and 3 dimensions for Pam, who had always visualised her photographic work in the format of a rug.

The journey started with a photograph taken by Pam and which was first used as the basis for her ‘VENUS’ range. To create the subtlety in colours, Esti worked with combinations of silk and wool and delighted with the ‘Venus’ rug, Pam then asked Esti to transpose a multi-hued photograph of a Phuket sunset taken during Pam’s honeymoon, onto a second piece.

‘It is exciting to take something 2-dimensionaland turn it into a 3-dimensional object, where look and feel become important, and without losing the artistic element’ Pam Weinstock.