Le Reve (The Dream)

‘Le Reve’, the second collection from Pam Weinstock Furniture, launched in London at Decorex 2014 and is another thoughtful and exciting exploration of escapism, serenity and magic. The creative for the collection is designed around a personal narrative of love and dreams, communicated through the mythic, Greek names given to each piece and in the inherent symbolism of the plants, flowers and scenes captured in the photography used. The title of the collection highlights a surreal and emotional creative exploration, also depicted through colour, texture and shape; The vibrant imagery underpinning ‘Le Reve’ is always photography captured by Pam Weinstock during recent travels to Arizona, Thailand, Morocco and from a family setting in Wiltshire.

All Paths Lead Home

‘All Paths Lead Home’ is the debut furniture collection from Pam Weinstock Furniture. An arresting series of 3 very different upholstered chairs, were unveiled at London’s leading decorative design show Decorex international in October 2013. ‘Hibernate’, ‘Joie de Vivre’ and ‘Reawaken’, are beautiful and bold statement pieces and the collection reveals Weinstock’s skill in combining 2 and 3 dimensional worlds through the artistic transposition of images from her photographic series.

At the heart of the narrative underpinning the collection, are natural surroundings and backdrops that signify defi nitive moments in Pam Weinstock’s life. The trees in the photographic series used for ‘All Paths Lead Home’, are intended to depict these cycles of life with each shot in different seasons and at different stages of growth.