Royal Mirage



All of our luxury reed diffusers are designed to perfectly scent your home with our beautiful signature fragrances.

These long lasting and wonderfully balanced scents use only the finest ingredients for your maximum enjoyment.

Made in the UK

Dimensions: 94mm height, 79mm diameter
Reed length: 240mm
Weight: 500g

Royal Mirage

Oud and Wild Rose Essential oils

The first time you use your reed diffuser, remove the stopper and insert the reeds into the oil to diffuse the fragrance.

  • Allow 24-36 hours for the reeds to begin fully diffusing the fragrance.
  • Turn the reeds every 2 weeks for optimal diffusion. Lasts Approx 3 months.


Royal Mirage is taken from a photo of a hotel water fountain in Dubai. Swirls on water mirrored together, create a sultry, Middle Eastern inspired pattern.